Marmoglass Column Cladding

Marmoglass Column Cladding

Crystallized glass is a kind of material made under high temperature through the process of sintering and crystallization. It is produced in strips and fired in a kiln of equal length at 1,550 degrees Celsius.

Product Details

Type: Others

Color: White

Material Origin:  China

Supply Ability:25000sqm/month


Min. Order: 10 (Square Meters)


 It is a kind of totally Green material, with more merits than marble & granite, some of which are showed as follows,
1. Natural and soft texture,
2.. Varied colors,
3. Good weather resisting property and durability 
4. Zero percent of water absorption , not be polluted easily
5. Green environmental protection building material
6. High-intensity, light weight
7. Bending formation, economical, time saving

More Details :
1. There are more than 10 colors of crystallized glass panel products available: Pure white, yellow, silver yellow, silver grey, grey in white, grey spot white, USA grey spot white, yellow in white….
2. Panel thickness: 10-30mm
3. Normal specifications (mm):
1800*3000*19±1, 1200*2400*19±1 600*600*19±1
1600*2400*19±1, 1800*3000*29±1 800*800*19±1

Thin plates: 
305*305*10mm, 450*450*10mm 
457*457*10mm, 800*800*10mm
600*600*10mm 1200*2400*11mm

4. Material: crystallized glass
5. Packaging: fumigated wooden case,containers,crates

9. Supply ability: 30ton per day, that is 600m2/day
10. Delivery time: generally 15 days 
11. Arc panel specifications (mm):
Thickness: 18-25 
Height: 600-1100
12. Payment BY T/T : 30 to be paid as prepayment,and the other 70 to be paid after shipment